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Help Change the Negative Cultural Narrative Around Autism Spectrum Disorder

Neurodiversity Public Awareness Campaign

Changing the cultural narrative surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurodiversity to promote wellness and support good mental health.

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Fundraising Plan

Without a solid plan and a team behind us to drive that plan forward, we won't go too far. Autism Wellness Foundation Executive Board developed an official working plan to steer our volunteer committee and our many fundraising projects.

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Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full is a fun and engaging eight-week course that provides people from all walks of life with effective tools to maximize their ability to manage life’s challenges. 


Love Autism ~ Book of Artistry

Love Autism, is a drop-dead beautiful book that celebrates artistry and self-expression. It is a stunning, thoughtful and hopeful book featuring the artwork of autistic artists.

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Autism Business Network

Corporate sponsors benefit from a permanent business listing on our websites and guidance with policy adaptations to meet the cultural needs of neurodiverse people.

Our Corporate Partners can improve their programs and services through our accreditation process. 

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Mood Walking

Walking encourages and supports  mental and physical health through exposure to the healing effects of nature, participation in physical activity and engagement with others. People at risk of or experiencing mental health difficulties and social isolation benefit from facilitated walking groups.

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Community Support Worker Program

Our Autism Community Support Worker Program has a three faceted approach to meeting the needs of the autistic community. 

Education | Advocacy | Support

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Person Directed Plans

Our Person Directed Plans build on the individuals capacity to set personalized goals. We utilize facilitated planning for future success and engage our clients by listing the actionable steps to take to improve personal success and coach them through their plan so they can realize the magical transformative power of high achievement.

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Autistic Entrepreneur Business Incubator

Love Autism, is a highly collaborative incubator project that uses a wide range of concepts and ideas to support Autistic Entrepreneurs to develop their own personal brand and achieve professional success.

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Love Autism Podcast

Live broadcasting weekly ~ Changing the cultural narrative around Autism Spectrum Disorder. Featuring live performances, artistry, film and book reviews, & special guests discussing trending hot topics.
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