The Autism Community & The Great Divide

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The autism community, a community that I helped build many years ago, before Facebook was even a thing, is dividing more and more each day.

On one side there are parents of autistic children with severe traits — including intellectual disability, limited language ability whom are capable of self-harm or hurting others and on the other side are supporters of neurodiversity and this movement of #ActuallyAutistic people who are advocating for acceptance.

It breaks my heart to see so many people are unable to accept that both communities are interdependent of each other.

On the outside I may seem cold too you and I may appear not to have feelings but I actually have very strong feelings and It seems to me that our entire society with which we all live together is crumbling.

The Foundations we have built for our children are failing and the next generation hasn't even come through our gates yet

I'm sure the autistic community doesn't really hate well meaning parents and professionals for trying to do good because I know there are people in our community who are both; a parent of an autistic child with severe traits who says autism is a medical condition that needs often-intense treatment, who are also actually autistic, who also maintain that the condition represents a neurological difference and a disability — one that society should accept and accommodate rather than try to prevent or cure.

I am both.

I am both a mother to a severely autistic adult and I am autistic.

There are more of us out there. I know there are because I watch their videos on YouTube.

I hate to say this about any of my fellow comrades because I am sure to be heckled just like the Honorable judge Amy Coney Barrett did yesterday, but today I just have to say it.

Covid-19 is playing on everyones mind, not just yours Covid-19 is exposing all of the cracks in our society and the solutions do not lie in the middle of a battle ground.

To my comrades; I'm sorry but the Autism Community is autistic people and their people and It's about love and self love.

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