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Our organization's sole focus is to improve mental health services and support specifically for the autsitic community in Ontario. I am a published canadian reporter/print journalist and member of the Canadian Association of Journalism. I am also a member of the Registered Practical Nursing Association of Ontario.

I am a nurse/lobbyist and mother of a female 22 year old autistic adult.

Autism is multi-generational in family; we have always known autism and I am obligated to solve this gap in service for autistic communities and inform public policy as a professional nurse.

Today we are successfully living our lives to the fullest. No one should have to suffer from mental illness alone. I hope to end the stigma's associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders and co-occuring mental health illness.

We had very little support with our daughter and what little was offered was far too late. I have researched extensively, trailed several programs and I see how impactful our program is. Improving on what we know; our organization has completed a grant application package for funding to provide our program to people in Ontario. We are all very excited about this program. We have been working on it for 6 months exclusively.

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